Funny T-shirts can open up the conversation in any party, at a bar, on vacation.

   So, you're out with your buddies when one of them squints, trying to read your T-shirt. It says, "Be friend with your head". Your friend looks stumped, but still walks around to read the front of your T-shirt again and again and again. By now you can imagine everyone cracking up at your one still quite confused friend. A funny tee shirt can really make for good times out because not only do they show off your true personality; they create a friendly environment to make everyone more comfortable.

   What is a good trip without a few jokes and a few laughs? Because having fun means having a few jokes up your sleeve, just think of your funny T-shirt as a joke you wear all day long! Jokes are the central part of a good party and with a tee shirt that does the joking for you; you can have even more fun. Wear a funny T-shirt on vacation, party, bar and you will see.

   So, what qualifies as a funny T-shirt? This is the debatable factor that makes wearing something you think is funny on your back actually funny. While you may think it's normal your friends may crack up at it. What's even funnier is if you think it's the funniest slogan/ logo you have ever seen, but your friends don't quite get it.

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   Funny T-shirts help bring raise the comfort level while providing plenty of laughs for everyone.

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