Meet the Top Drone Girls


Hi, guys.

Do you still think that flying drones, building drones, and participating in the FPV races can only be done by men? Let me tell you about a few wonderful girls and their success stories in the drones/FPV world.

Monica – FPV_Princess

  FPV_Princess Monica assembling FPV quadcopter

She says:

- Hey! FPV is my passion. I share my love through my videos and hope everyone likes it!

I was very impressed by Monica’s Instagram account, so checked her YouTube channel. Monica looks like a pretty refined girl, but make no mistake: FPV_Princess doesn’t only build her own FPV quads but can make any racer swallow the dust.

Monica lives in Belgium but her fame extends far beyond her backyard. She truly loves what she does and flies 365 days a year. 

-I'm down to get dirty, cold, and even eaten by mosquitoes, as long as I can fly in style.

If you didn’t follow this young lady before, it’d be a good time to start it now!

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Krissi Fitz - dronegirl1

 drone_girl1 Krissi holding her drone 

  Krissi Fitz is from Ireland and is famous for her spectacular shots of nature, ancient castles, and more. She writes:

-Love flying DJI Phantom, Yuneec drones for aerial footage around Ireland and sharing my flight experience with you!

Judging by her social media presence, Dronegirl1 looks like a person who appreciates her audience. You would love to be a part of the community. Her messages usually start with praising her followers:

-Thanks a million, to all of you my friends - You are just an amazing and the best audience! 

Since September 25, 2014, when she’d posted her first video on YouTube, her popularity exploded. Do you want to know what her secret is? Knock on her door to follow.

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Sally French –

 ThDroneGirl Sally with drone 

If the names like Sally French or Thedronegirl sound unfamiliar, then it’d be a good time to learn what a big part of the drone/FPV world they've become.

In one of the interviews, Sally describes her life: 

--A southern-California native, I'm the Social Media Editor at MarketWatch. When I'm not sharing finance and markets, I'm probably chasing down stories in the drone world for my side project,

Sally doesn't only keep you updated on the news from the drone’s universe, but also gives advice on how to choose a drone, how to fly it, and how to fix it if something goes wrong. Sally is always funny and friendly; she always lifts my spirits and I know she’ll lift yours.

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Megan Proulx – Dronedoll

 Drone_Doll - Megan in FPV goggles

Another young lady I'd like to tell you about is Megan Proulx a.k.a. Dronedoll. I like her not only because she’s a wonderful FPV pilot, but also because she shares her passion with her boyfriend (Simon MartyFlyzzz). Simon was the one who built her very first drone, and since then both Megan and Simon have been honing their skills. I think it is great to be able to share a hobby like this. It doesn't happen very often, so they have my extra respect. Even though Megan and Simon do interviews and share videos, they aren’t looking to become popular; they just enjoy flying. If you want to know, what #LadiesLoveFPV is all about, follow this couple.

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