What is Quad Racing?

FPV Drone

Quad racing is a sport where quad pilots build extremely fast and agile drones to fly around a set course as fast as possible. Almost all quad races today are done using FPV (First Person View) systems.

Here are some basics to understand what’s happening.

There are a couple of components to make all this happen.
- First, you need the quadcopter, or drone.
- Next, you need the pilot with the FPV gear and preferably a spotter (someone that can watch in a visual line of sight or LOS).
- The quad has some specialized equipment on board that sends signals back to a set of goggles that the pilot wears that allows him or her to view the flight from the perspective of a pilot. This is called “First Person View” or “FPV”.

FPV quad racing becoming the next big E-sport of the world.

FPV flying was originally done using RC Planes, but in recent years, multi-rotor drones have become extremely popular, much more stable, easier to fly, and more agile than RC planes. All of this has made multi-rotor drones the perfect platform for FPV flying.
Since the beginning of 2014 , people began making FPV quads that were much smaller than what was considered the standard. This allowed them to be even more maneuverable than before while also being able to fit through tighter spaces and hold up better in crashes. After flying these mini FPV quads, it became apparent that FPV quad racing was going to become extremely popular.

Quad racing is already starting to take off, but I believe that it’s still just beginning of history and what we’re doing right now is “nothing” compared to what quad racing will eventually become years down the road. That being said, people who race quads right now are truly the pioneers of a new sport. The vast majority of this hobby includes very relaxed, fun-loving, competitive individuals who love this hobby and are eager to see it grow. There are thousands of websites and tons of information available for those who would like to get involved in this great hobby.